Courses for School Professionals

Garden Organic is able to run a range of training sessions in regional locations and individual schools or clusters of schools. Many of our courses can be run as whole day events with practical activities, or half day or twilight sessions as more of a general overview.

The following sessions are available:

Organic food growing for schools

An introduction for people who want to start growing organic food at school. Suitable for absolute beginners with no experience of gardening. Covers the basics of organic growing and composting. Practical activities.

From plot to pot - planning what to grow

An opportunity to plan what to grow in a school garden, from seed sowing to harvest, including vegetables and herbs. Suitable for new school gardeners. Practical activities.

Composting in schools

What to compost, how and where. How to develop a successful composting system. Suitable for new school gardeners.

Organic fruit growing

Choosing what to grow, how,when and where. Suitable for anyone new to growing fruit in school.

Healthy soil and plants - the organic way

How to develop a healthy organic garden through soil care and management; and pest and disease prevention and control. Suitable for people who already have some experience of gardening.

Seed Saving: Saving seeds for the future

(Drawing on the expertise of Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library) An in-depth look at seeds and the importance of seed saving: dispersal, pollination and production. How to safeguard rare vegetable varieties from the threat of extinction. Practical seed-saving activities with links to wider learning that can be used in school to improve the sustainability of growing projects.

Business enterprise in schools through organic gardening

How to successfully run an organic food growing-based enterprise project with young people as part of wider learning. Practical activities that can be linked to enterprise initiatives.

An introduction to food growing for school cooks and caterers

An introduction to when locally grown fruit and vegetables are in season. Composting food waste. How to start growing food for the school meal.

For further information, costs and to discuss your requirements please contact:
Colette Bond, Head of Education, Garden Organic
Email: Tel 02476 308217