Apricot varieties

Question ...

Please can you recommend an apricot tree for a sheltered London garden, and where to buy from?

Answer ...

Apricots need shelter from frost when in flower, so trained against a warm wall is an ideal situation. Some recommended cultivars for your situation are:

  • Aprigold - Genetic dwarf, ideal for pot culture which produces full-sized fruit
  • Flavorcot - frost tolerant and fruiting later, smaller orange fruit
  • Golden Glow - found on the Malvern Hills as a seedling, very reliable cropper, healthy tree. Yellow round fruit
  • Petit Muscat - Old French variety, with masses of small delicious yellow fruits: does best in sheltered site
  • Tomcot - very hardy, frost resistant, mid summer. Large fruit with red blush, excellent cropper. Grown for commercial fruit production in Kent

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