Food poverty - Southwark, London

The Garden Organic Food Poverty Project: 'Southwark, London' works with families on low incomes who live in the most deprived areas of the London Borough of Southwark. The projects works with families who are at risk of food poverty, or who have accessed a food bank in the past. Master Gardeners, trained by Garden Organic, teach a variety of organic growing techniques in order to support residents throughout the growing season, discuss the benefits of "growing your own" food with new growers, offer organic horticultural advice and ensure new growers have access to the information and resources they need. Master Gardeners are joined by trained volunteer Food Buddies who chat to the public about healthy eating and lifestyle choices, encouraging them to attend workshops to increase their knowledge and resilience to food poverty.

The project has been established in order to:

  • Build a network of community volunteers trained to inspire and encourage local people to grow their own food and attend workshops.
  • Provide quality resources and training.
  • Provide a series of food related workshops to engage people about the food they grow, buy, cook and eat.
  • Build lasting partnerships to support local people to tackle food poverty.
  • Recruit and train a group of twenty volunteer Master Gardeners and ten Food Buddies.

The project monitors the impact and outcomes for individuals, volunteers and the community in which it operates, on an annual basis. The data is collected using a variety of methods; questionnaires, feedback forms and interviews and quarterly reports.

The project runs in partnership with, and is funded by the Hirschmann foundation.

If you'd like to get involved contact the Sustainable Communities Team at Garden Organic on 024 7630 3517 or email To find out more about Master Composter schemes and what Garden Organic can offer you, please contact: