30 Days to Go Organic – take the challenge this Organic September

30 days to Go Organic - take the challenge for Organic September

This Organic September, we’re encouraging new growers to make the shift to organic and sustainable growing. And to help, we’ve put together 30 days of simple tips and information to guide them on their way.

From easy ways to improve your soil to information on the delicate balance between pest and predator, we’re keen to arm gardeners with all the tools they need to feel confident and proud to be organic.

"We know that many thousands of people took up gardening during last year’s lockdown" commented Sarah Brown, Growing Advice Editor. "So we are doing all we can to help these new growers follow organic and sustainable growing methods from the start. 

There has been much publicity around the environmental challenges we are facing with the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. This Organic September we want to help people connect the dots between the environment and organic growing – showing that there are simple ways we can all take positive action.

If all gardeners adopted just one or two simple organic methods, the collective impact would be huge.”

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Organic September
Organic September is an initiative led by the Organic Trade Board, designed to increase people’s awareness of the benefits to nature that organic methods have. Organic growers and food producers work alongside nature, recognising the importance of our natural ecosystems to support the planet’s fragile state.

During the month many organisations and household brands will be supporting the campaign to encourage people - all of us -, to make planet positive decisions.

Whether you’re already involved in an organic veg box scheme, or committed to ditching the slug pellets, it only takes one small change to make a big difference.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021