It’s down on the farm for our December podcast!

Grab your coat and wellies as we head down to one of the UK’s best known organic farms, owned by Helen Browning, Head of the Soil Association. 
Listen in as Garden Organic’s own Chief Executive, Fiona Taylor, chats with Browning while they walk round the farm – discussing pigs, cows, hedges and agroforestry.  It’s good to hear about the organic way of farming being so successful, and providing a model for farms for the future.  

Back in the potting shed, Chris and Sarah discuss December jobs, and answer questions on how to grow the perfect Brussel sprout, plus ideas for gardening Christmas presents for friends and family – all chosen from our sponsors, The Organic Gardening Catalogue

Voted Podcast of the Year 2020 by the Gardening Media Guild, The Organic Gardening Podcast is an entertaining, thoughtful and practical guide to organic growing.  
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Thursday, 25 November 2021