Southwark Food Poverty programme recruits Master Gardeners and Food Buddies

We are currently recruiting more volunteers to join its two-year project in the borough of Southwark, working with people at risk of food poverty.

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New growing project to support local carers

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new project - Thyme To Be. This is the latest in a number of social and therapeutic horticulture projects from the Warwickshire charity.

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New research shows persistent intake of glyphosate seriously affects liver and kidneys

A new study from King's College London reveals that the impact of very, very low, but long term, exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides (weedkillers) causes liver disease. Why is this important? Because we know that over 30% of the bread we eat contains glyphosate. Non-organic wheat and soya crops are dosed with it, especially pre-harvest.

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organic fruit, bare root trees

Plan ahead to beat those January blues

Close your eyes and think of summer. Bees buzzing, warm sun, the garden at its most verdant. Pears, apples and cherries hanging on the bough, their juices waiting for that taste explosion in your mouth.

Well, in the cold dark days of winter, now is the time to create that fruitful bliss. Because these are the months for bare root planting. Raspberries, quinces, plums – as well as the popular apples and pears – are all available for planting and holding that promise of summer.

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The Oxford Real Farming Conference

In the first week in January, Oxford becomes the hub for farming folk to gather. There is the NUF conference, where the emphasis is on the politics of farming as a business, and down the road the Oxford Real Farming Conference. Here farmers and growers gather to discuss how to keep the land productive for wildlife as well as the farmer. Organic, sustainable, re-wilding and agroecology were all the buzz words.

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organic vegetable; organic tomato

Make 2017 the year you master your organic garden!

Organic growing can be a fantastic and rewarding pastime - as well as producing lovely flowers and food it can help you relax, take stock and escape the pressures of daily life.

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Innovative growing project to support migrants

Leicestershire Master Gardeners have been involved in setting up an innovative project in Oadby, where a local multicultural group is coordinating an effort to connect residents at a migrants’ hostel with local people.

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Enjoy a greener Christmas

For many households, Christmas is a time when more waste than usual is produced. Read our handy frequently asked questions for advice on what to do with your dinner left-overs, your wrapping paper, you Christmas cards and your Christmas tree.

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World Soil Day

World Soil Day falls on Monday December 5th. Garden Organic will be celebrating, along with all other organic growers who recognise that a healthy soil is at the heart of healthy growing. Download our free Soil Pack, which helps you to understand your soil and how to manage it - the organic way!

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100% organic ethical clothing

Garden Organic clothing store now open!

We’re delighted to say that we now have a fantastic range of clothes and accessories now available to buy. The range, designed by ethical clothing company Rapannui, includes t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, tea towels and cotton bags. All items are specifically designed for Garden Organic and are made from 100% organic, ethically sourced cotton.

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